Types of Boats for You to Enjoy

When it comes to sailing, we tend to think of it as a high class activity for high class folks. (Folks, of course, because I’m doing an impression of my country neighbors.) And, that’s largely true. We can’t all afford a boat, after all, let alone a sail boat. However, there are numerous types of seacraft at our disposals, so we can make something work, right? And, it’s well worth your time, because sailing, as with most aquatic pastimes, is a chill time in a beautiful body of water. So, grab some boat shoes from Famous Footwear and get our there and sail the seven (one or less) seas. (…sea.) Here are some suggestions.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the house boat. Or, boat house? Whatver. The point is that why not just live on the boat? We all want a beach house, and for good reason, but a nice compromise that might end up being even better is a house that’s also a boat, and vice versa. Think about it. You could live on the water. Park in a marina at night, then set off during the day for some peace and quiet on the lightly lilting waves. Or, you could find a nice isolated spot and host a house boat part. There are a ton of options with this one.

Another possibility is to concern yourself not with lakes and oceans, but, rather, with rivers. That’s right, let’s talk about rafting. White water rafting is a popular pastime in my neck of the woods, and for good reason. It’s a thrill seeker’s game, for sure, but it’s hard to deny the appeal of rafting down a raging river in (relatively) total safety. If that’s not your speed, maybe something like a canoe or a kayak would be literally more your speed. These smaller watercraft are meant for slower, more relaxed travel, and they typically only hold a person or two. There’s something to be said for the romantic possibilities here. Almost like the gondolas of Venice, Italy, but more egalitarian and private.

Then, we have motor boats. These boats are, obviously, motorized, so they both go much faster and make a lot more noise than sailboats. However, the true strength of these boats is their ability to go where they please, rather than the wind’s direction. These are best used as a point A to point B ride before releasing the anchor to go for a swim, go fishing, or simply relax.