Kayaking For Beginners – What Are The Various Kinds Of Kayaks Used For Kayaking?

Kayak hire Noosa opens the door to a world of opportunities. When you know how to swim and are comfortable in the water, you can feel confident tackling any pastime and hobby. One which seems to be appealing to more and more today has to be kayaking and it really is a great option to look into. However, being a kayaking beginner can put you at somewhat a disadvantage which is why it’s good to understand a few things about it first. Read on to find out about a few types of kayaks and what they can be used for.

Fishing Kayaks

These types of kayaks are designed for fishing and are quite different from standard kayaks. There are two types of fishing kayaks available which are sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks; each offers something slightly different to the other. Kayak hire Gold Coast for fishing with the sit-on-top can usually be popular for fishermen and women to get a prime spot to tackle the fish. The fisherman sits on a raised seat but since they aren’t in the cockpit of the vessel, there is an increased risk of toppling over after a big fight with a fish. The sit-in kayaks offer an in-house seat inside the cockpit of the kayak and offer a potential reduction in comfort for taller people. Both are good and have their good and bad points; fishermen usually choose the kayaks which suit them best.

Kayak hire Noosa opens the door to a world of opportunities. When you know how to swim and are comfortable in the water

Kayaks for Leisure

Leisure kayaks are great for those who want a more enjoyable or relaxed experience on the water. These are good to view the local areas and take a steady paddle downstream. The leisure kayaks are suitable for a host of activities and have fair space for storage and are good for a beginner. These are not good for open waters but rather for lakes. A kayak hire Gold Coast for leisure can also come in the form of a touring kayak which are used to, as the name suggests, tour the waters. They are far stronger and more versatile and can offer more storage solutions for supples.

Stay Safe – Get To Know the Waters and Practice

While kayaking can be relatively safe, when you’re just starting out, everything is new and in a sense, it’s risky. If you aren’t good with water you need to have some swimming lessons, simply because you’re going to get wet and potentially you’ll end up in the water a few times. This is kayaking after all and it’s based on the water so it’s likely this will happen at some point. Don’t be too scared because as you learn, you gain more confidence. Also, you have to remember when you’re on the water, to be respectful of it. Water is fickle and very slick; it changes all too quickly and if you don’t respect it, it can bite back. Kayak hire Canberra can be safe but beginners need to be confident of being in the water and happy too so they don’t panic should they end up in the water. Take some safety lessons and get in the know.

Be Confident With Kayak Hire Canberra

Kayaking even when you start out can be pretty easy and for the most part, new users take to it in little time. However, that doesn’t mean to say you will take to it like a duck to water; it might takes you a little longer but you will get there. Kayaking is full of fun and wonderful opportunities too and once you get used to being on the kayak and on the water, it’ll be a fun experience. Enjoy kayak hire Noosa and Canberra—and don’t forget to snap some beautiful sights! For more details visit http://www.nrs.com/kayaks/kayak_terminology.asp