Types of Boats for You to Enjoy

When it comes to sailing, we tend to think of it as a high class activity for high class folks. (Folks, of course, because I’m doing an impression of my country neighbors.) And, that’s largely true. We can’t all afford a boat, after all, let alone a sail boat. However, there are numerous types of seacraft at our disposals, so we can make something work, right? And, it’s well worth your time, because sailing, as with most aquatic pastimes, is a chill time in a beautiful body of water. So, grab some boat shoes from Famous Footwear and get our there and sail the seven (one or less) seas. (…sea.) Here are some suggestions.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the house boat. Or, boat house? Whatver. The point is that why not just live on the boat? We all want a beach house, and for good reason, but a nice compromise that might end up being even better is a house that’s also a boat, and vice versa. Think about it. You could live on the water. Park in a marina at night, then set off during the day for some peace and quiet on the lightly lilting waves. Or, you could find a nice isolated spot and host a house boat part. There are a ton of options with this one.

Another possibility is to concern yourself not with lakes and oceans, but, rather, with rivers. That’s right, let’s talk about rafting. White water rafting is a popular pastime in my neck of the woods, and for good reason. It’s a thrill seeker’s game, for sure, but it’s hard to deny the appeal of rafting down a raging river in (relatively) total safety. If that’s not your speed, maybe something like a canoe or a kayak would be literally more your speed. These smaller watercraft are meant for slower, more relaxed travel, and they typically only hold a person or two. There’s something to be said for the romantic possibilities here. Almost like the gondolas of Venice, Italy, but more egalitarian and private.

Then, we have motor boats. These boats are, obviously, motorized, so they both go much faster and make a lot more noise than sailboats. However, the true strength of these boats is their ability to go where they please, rather than the wind’s direction. These are best used as a point A to point B ride before releasing the anchor to go for a swim, go fishing, or simply relax.

How to choose the right kayak for you?

THOSE considering getting into kayak hire are going to walk into a whole new pastime. Those who already kayak fish understand how peaceful and majestic it could be on the drinking water.

The three most important factors I believe about when choosing the right kayak are: how much items I will use; where I am fishing; and how comfortable the kayak is.

If you are uncomfortable your time on the normal water enables you to be frustrated, signifying you cannot focus on angling. A kayak that suits your needs will allow you to give attention to the fishing better.

So let’s break down the ‘where, when and why’ of how to catch a few freshwater sportfish.


In both waterways, existing composition always presents a leading ‘go to’ area. This composition usually involves old river bedrooms, creek mouths, slots, rapids and so on. The supplementary things I look for are submerged timber, drop-offs, overhanging trees and shrubs and so on. These areas can all fish well, with one being better in a single season, period or moon period than another.

Working out when the fish will depend on where you’re Kayak hire.  Generally, of thumb, I fish deeper during the day plus more shallowly around sunrise and sunset and into the night.


The growing season will determine where in fact the fish will be. During winter fish predominantly college in the lakes. In spring and coil and fall months, the waterways can fire, so sneak away in your Kayaking Brisbane and discover a peaceful area where to toss some topwater lures or even vibes in the deeper areas.

Find those primary areas and fish them with a variety of lures and you will soon work out a pattern. There is it a little tricky to work through the optimum time of the calendar year to catch yellowbelly. No matter, a few have been around lately.


Once you find the seafood, try to work out why they are there. Reasons range from the occurrence of bait, spawning, composition, time of day, water circulation and current, between much more, or a blend of these.

For example, just before sunset in the creeks and streams, bait will often rise to the surface and then be forced down through rapids (period, bait and framework).

Now let’s look at the gear required:

My basic requirements are a watertight digital camera or DSLR, Esky with water and food to last the entire trip, a little first-aid kit, we paper (better safe than sorry), sounder, tackle back device and sunlight screen. This is as well as the obligatory leader, lures, scissors, rods and reels.

Some people choose a shorter rod for kayak sportfishing, but I do not brain rods up to 7′ in length.

I feel a getting net is a must since it makes getting a fish that easier and also gives you to leave the fish in the net in this inflatable water while you straighten out pliers, tags, and camera and so on.

I had a few different options for mounting Sounders and transducers with my smaller Freak Kayaking Brisbane. In the end, I through-hull attached the sensor because I head out west frequently, which entails rock and roll hoping for cod, and the through-hull mount shields the sensor from damage.

Being on the Kayaking Brisbane is not always about sport fishing. The tranquillity and landscape can be incredible. Viewing the fog spin over the hillsides and across the water just sets you into leisure mode.

5 Hot Ocean and Fishing Kayaks for Cool Family Fun

5 Hot Ocean and Fishing Kayaks for Cool Family Fun

Adelaide kayak hire has become a great and very popular hobby for millions and it’s easy to see why. Kayaking opens the potential and you can enjoy the time on the water for a host of reasons. There is time to reflect, to get a little peace time and to just enjoy kayaking down a beautiful stretch of water. Kayakers can opt for a solo journey or an entire family can spend a fun afternoon hitting the water hard. However, when you’re heading out onto the water you ideally want a kayak which is perfect for the occasion. If you’re new to kayaking that can seem like a touch choice but it can be made a lot easier when you have an idea as to what might work for you.

The Sun Dolphin Mackinaw

If you are interested in Kayak hire Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, you might want to look into the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw kayak. This is a great and quite versatile kayak as its good for those planning a light fishing trip or a small family get together. The kayak seats three, with room for more and it’s quite strong. Made from high-density polyethylene, the Sun Dolphin is affordable and not too weighty. This will be a great addition to any fishing trip.

5 Hot Ocean and Fishing Kayaks for Cool Family Fun

The Old Town Next

This kayak model is definitely a great fishing kayak built for the solo fisherman and sightseer. The Old Town Next is beautiful and while it’s compact, it offers a great safety feature. This can hold a massive four hundred and fifty pounds so there is enough room to store all your fishing gear and still feel comfortable. Also, you know this can handle a lot in terms of weight which can put your mind to ease. Kayak hire of the Next is a great idea and while it’s a little more costly, it’s fantastic. This is a suitable for those who want to go fishing and who also want to get a light workout and a simple paddle downstream.

Ocean Kayak Prowler II Big Game

If you want to look into kayak hire the Ocean Kayak Prowler II Big Game might just be the ideal solution for you. This is a beautiful kayak and one which is designed for high capacity fishing. Also, the Ocean Kayak is great for beginners who want to fish and those who are also interested in capturing beautiful scenery along the way. It’s stable and offers a lot of storage as well which is always a plus.

Jackson Kayak Real Tree Kilroy

One of the top quality ocean and fishing kayaks has to be the Jackson Kayak Real Tree Kilroy. This is a beautiful kayak and one which offers so much for so little. The kayak may be a little more costly but its well worth it. You have a great capacity of over three hundred pounds which means you can get all the equipment you need within it. The gear mounts and staging systems are great additions too. Kayak hire Melbourne is a great option to look into and this kayak will make your day far better.For more details read here

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14

Adelaide kayak hire will be complete with this beautiful kayak. The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 is going to be a top quality kayak and one you should look into closely also. This can hold up to six hundred pounds in weight which is great and it’s easy to transport. You have a nice and comfortable seat with a great seating position as well. This is suitable for open ocean play and fresh water fishing.

Have a Ball on Water

People are somewhat wary when it comes to kayaking as it’s sometimes a little scary. However, when you have the right kayak for the occasion then things can be far safer and you can totally enjoy fishing and the sights on offer too. Renting a kayak for a day can be pretty inexpensive too and beginners will love it. Adelaide kayak hire will be a fun time.Continue Reading . . . .

A Guide to Sea Kayaking

A Guide to Sea Kayaking

Kayak hire is something which is truly increasing in popularity. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time out on the water? This is the best time to reflect and feel at one with nature. Sea kayaking is quite an interesting concept too as it’s unique in a sense. It has been around for many years and totally different from kayaking on a lake. However, do you know how to take to the seas to go kayaking? Read on and get a brief guide that may prove useful to you in the long-term.

You Must Have the Right Kayak and Equipment

First and foremost, you must kit yourself out with waterproof garments and a life jacket. Next, you will need a suitable kayak. Now, there are a lot of kayaks available and they do vary considerably. For instance, kayakers who want a more urban experience find they choose smaller kayaks that are built for speed but they are tiny and easy to tip over. They aren’t ideal for sea kayaking which is why you have to find a larger kayak which is designed to handle sea kayaking. Kayak hire Brisbane can be simple and you can head out onto the open sea once you have the right equipment with you.

A Guide to Sea Kayaking

Research Sea Patterns

If you plan to kayak in a particular area it’s wise to know it well enough to be confident at all times. The open sea can be very different from a lake or stream where the only thing you have to worry about is the changing water levels. With the open waters, you’re exposed and it’s very different from smaller water areas. However, kayaking Brisbane is fun and if you plan to do some sea kayaking near here then you need to research the sea fully. You must get to know the local sea patterns and how likely it is you’ll run into trouble. It’s the only way to keep you safe and be confident when hitting the waters.

Keep a Constant Eye on the Weather and Sea Conditions

Conditions on the water can change very quickly; it’s the same with the weather overhead but the two can be very closely linked. If there are gale force winds and heavy rain, it will make the water around you a lot more deadly and unpredictable. Even when the sky is relatively sunny, heavy winds can cause high rips and waves in the sea. That is why you absolutely must know the weather in the sea you’re to be kayaking as well as the surrounding areas. You still need to keep a close eye on the weather whilst kayaking. Kayak hire is easy to do but again, you must be safe on the water. The sea is unpredictable.

You Must Be Ready For Prolonged Journeys

To be honest, kayak hire Brisbane is a piece of cake but sea kayaking is somewhat different as said above. It’s vastly unpredictable and the weather can change quickly which ultimately affects the sea breeze and waves. Taking out a kayak for a few hours is one thing but going for a prolonged journey can be something completely different. You have to be ready for a longer journey as it can get quite tiring on your body and the weather and sea conditions can change too. That is why you ideally have to get a taste of what sea kayaking is like. It may allow you to get a real understanding of what you’ll be facing on the high seas.

Stay Safe

Sea kayaking is fun and for thousands all over the world, they use it as a simple way to transport themselves or goods from point A to point B. However, it isn’t without its risks and you have to be a fairly decent kayaker to go on a big sea kayaking journey. Of course, if this is a fun pastime then you probably won’t be spending days on the water. Every kayaker must know the basic safety guide and research the sea you’ll be spending your time on as it’ll make sure far safer. Kayaking Brisbane is fun and heading to the open seas can be relatively safe also.For more details visit

Kayak hire Noosa opens the door to a world of opportunities. When you know how to swim and are comfortable in the water

Kayaking For Beginners – What Are The Various Kinds Of Kayaks Used For Kayaking?

Kayak hire Noosa opens the door to a world of opportunities. When you know how to swim and are comfortable in the water, you can feel confident tackling any pastime and hobby. One which seems to be appealing to more and more today has to be kayaking and it really is a great option to look into. However, being a kayaking beginner can put you at somewhat a disadvantage which is why it’s good to understand a few things about it first. Read on to find out about a few types of kayaks and what they can be used for.

Fishing Kayaks

These types of kayaks are designed for fishing and are quite different from standard kayaks. There are two types of fishing kayaks available which are sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks; each offers something slightly different to the other. Kayak hire Gold Coast for fishing with the sit-on-top can usually be popular for fishermen and women to get a prime spot to tackle the fish. The fisherman sits on a raised seat but since they aren’t in the cockpit of the vessel, there is an increased risk of toppling over after a big fight with a fish. The sit-in kayaks offer an in-house seat inside the cockpit of the kayak and offer a potential reduction in comfort for taller people. Both are good and have their good and bad points; fishermen usually choose the kayaks which suit them best.

Kayak hire Noosa opens the door to a world of opportunities. When you know how to swim and are comfortable in the water

Kayaks for Leisure

Leisure kayaks are great for those who want a more enjoyable or relaxed experience on the water. These are good to view the local areas and take a steady paddle downstream. The leisure kayaks are suitable for a host of activities and have fair space for storage and are good for a beginner. These are not good for open waters but rather for lakes. A kayak hire Gold Coast for leisure can also come in the form of a touring kayak which are used to, as the name suggests, tour the waters. They are far stronger and more versatile and can offer more storage solutions for supples.

Stay Safe – Get To Know the Waters and Practice

While kayaking can be relatively safe, when you’re just starting out, everything is new and in a sense, it’s risky. If you aren’t good with water you need to have some swimming lessons, simply because you’re going to get wet and potentially you’ll end up in the water a few times. This is kayaking after all and it’s based on the water so it’s likely this will happen at some point. Don’t be too scared because as you learn, you gain more confidence. Also, you have to remember when you’re on the water, to be respectful of it. Water is fickle and very slick; it changes all too quickly and if you don’t respect it, it can bite back. Kayak hire Canberra can be safe but beginners need to be confident of being in the water and happy too so they don’t panic should they end up in the water. Take some safety lessons and get in the know.

Be Confident With Kayak Hire Canberra

Kayaking even when you start out can be pretty easy and for the most part, new users take to it in little time. However, that doesn’t mean to say you will take to it like a duck to water; it might takes you a little longer but you will get there. Kayaking is full of fun and wonderful opportunities too and once you get used to being on the kayak and on the water, it’ll be a fun experience. Enjoy kayak hire Noosa and Canberra—and don’t forget to snap some beautiful sights! For more details visit